Pricing Policy, Methods of Payment And Refunds

Please read the following document carefully.

CAFT provides and commercializes videos, short films or films so that users who wish to see them through our website can do so and watch them.
For the treatment with the users we contemplate «The Federal Law of Protection to the Consumer» “Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor en México” (PROFECO).


The payment for viewing any of the contents stored in « video ondemand» are handled depending on the duration or resources that highlight them from among the others.

    1. Fees and method of payment.
      • Fees for our services or products within Mexico are quoted in Mexican pesos. If you are in a different country, the exchange rate that corresponds between the Mexican peso and the foreign currency of the user’s country of origin will be applied at the exchange rate on the day the economic transaction takes place.
      • CAFT may make changes without prior notice in prices, terms of contract, payment methods, publication and reimbursement. But in general, users will be made aware of the adjustments made before they take effect, so the terms will remain the same as long as the update takes effect.

For such action we envisage direct text publication on our video-on-demand portal.

      • We accept payments through the use of wire transfers from banks in Mexico as well as from other countries. You can also make your payment through Paypal. Once your payment has been confirmed, you can request your invoice by e-mail:
      • The information required to make a payment is provided to our customers through our page back of the system known as Paypal.
      • In no case is granted the figure of credit, neither by exchange of time, nor in kind, the payment of CAFT services is covered in time and form on the contracted day.


  1. The Federal Law of Consumer Protection in Mexico of PROFECO, establishes in its article 10 that:
    • Suppliers may not provide additional services to those originally contracted that have not been expressly requested or accepted by the consumer.
    • Therefore, the user may contract additional services voluntarily and not in a manner obligated by the provider.
    • PROFECO’s law states in article 12 that the consumer has the right to demand notes, invoices, receipts or vouchers of the commercial operations carried out.


    1. The refund on the video, short film or film contracted within CAFT is guided in the following way:
      • Only when it is possible to prove that for some internal reason or failure of the CAFT system, the user did not see the contracted material as established in article 56 (PROFECO):

The consumer has the faculty to revoke the payment without any responsibility during the five working days following the delivery of the good. The revocation renders the operation null and void, and the supplier must reimburse the consumer for the price paid. But it is clear that when due to the user’s lack of time, forgetfulness, failures in the connection of his internet or signal, failures in his computer equipment, as well as agents or circumstances external to CAFT, the payment cannot be returned and the aforementioned article and its text does not apply.

    • Article 91 (PROFECO): Establishes that: Payments made in excess of the determined maximum price or in its case, stipulated, are recoverable by the consumer.
      *So when by error or omission the user makes a charge exceeded in CAFT video on demand, CAFT will make the refund in full of the amount paid as long as the user of timely notice and that the amount has entered and the payment is registered in our bank account, show the vouchers, identification and data that will be required to make the prompt return of the amount.
    • Article 92, Section II establishes that the service that is in poor condition or has a transmission of poor quality, that is the internal responsibility of the company can be requested to be repaired, in our case restore the reproduction of the film and open a new window time to see be seen again, but does not imply the return of payment.
      Therefore CAFT can only repair what is affected in our system, without having any responsibility on the repair in kind or economic of the past, present or future damages caused to the users by technical failures or other internal or external causes, direct or indirect in our service.
    • Any agreement, contract, treatment by word or document, purchase and sale of services or products that do not belong to CAFT and that is between users or third parties is not the responsibility of CAFT.
  1. It also provides that consumers should enjoy on an equal footing the services offered to the general public. Article 58 (PROFECO), the consumer must not be the object of any preference or discrimination, except for fully justified reasons (affecting the security or tranquillity of customers).
  2. Remember if you or your company reside outside of Mexico, your relationship is with CAFT and by entering, browsing or registering, you accept our directives, the use of cookies, privacy notice, use clauses, exclusion of liability, tariff policy, payment methods and refunds. Therefore, for the realization of commercial exchange activities, clarifications, claims, etc. of the video, short film or film reproduction service, the legal follow-up, regulations, times and legal processes that are established by Mexican institutions are the basis.
  3. Since our services can be contracted by any person without distinction and from different countries we point out that just to make reference but not to be applicable to us, users belonging to the EU, the EU Commission has established an Internet platform for the resolution of online disputes («OS platform») between businessmen and consumers. The operating system platform is available at
    But the user knows and accepts that we are not obligated in any term, article, code or resolution on commercial exchange established by the EU or another country, since as it is established in point 6 of this document our territorial legal economic commitment is established by the Mexican laws.
  4. We are not obligated to participate in any dispute resolution proceedings before any consumer arbitration board in any country.

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