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Day and nigth
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Pedro y el capitan
Pedro y el Capitán is a dialogue between two characters: Pedro, a political prisoner who is tortured, and the captain, the torturer. The play is inspired by the torture processes that existed during the dictatorships of the "Cono Sur", but the play never says exactly where they are. (The language is in Spanish, it does not contain subtitles)
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Les Toilettes
A Mexican tourist is confused by the language and gets involved in a very embarrassing situation
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Un Suspiro / A Sigh
Have you ever felt the power of a sigh? All that is encloses? All it can say. A sigh expresses the platonic love that Carlos feels for Amada, yet a sigh can also silence many things.
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Crónicas de una cuarentena anunciada
Quarantine isolation and social distancing caused by COVID-19, makes us think about our life and ask ourselves what is really important.
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Life goes around so much that the smallest details always come back closing an infinite circle of love and care for others. This is a one minute 35mm film in Spanish.
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Great Expectations (Vancouver Film School)
Directors: Brad Allam, Daniel Won Cho, Julie Couturier, Alejandro Flores, Cliff Lee, Kate Newman, Aaron Olszowiec, Jonh Sayer, Christian Schrapff, Greg Stirling, Scott Westgard, Sohiel Zargarpour.
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Draussen vor der Tür
This is a live recorded musical theater play. Please note that the dialogues in the play are in German and there are no subtitles in it.
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Polvo de Hadas
Six friends around the campfire on a camping night tell horror stories without imagining the end that awaits them.
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Kill and Pray, Fay Wray
A Mexican hotel of the sixties. The young nun Fay is searching for God. Her religious fanaticism gets her into more and more trouble. Ein mexikanisches Hotel der sechziger Jahre. Die junge Nonne Fay ist auf der Suche nach Gott. Ihr religiöser Fanatismus bringt sie dabei mehr und mehr in Schwierigkeiten.
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La luz de mi vida
The corruption, the violence, the worldwide disorder and impunity destroys the light that surrounds the life of Pamela, changing completely her existence and leaving her in a total darkness.
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Time Void
The fears of the future become present when humans initiate their own destruction.Longing to be one of the few to continue with life after the catastrope. Arriet is a women who has a plan for survival
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Revelaciones del Tiempo / Offenbarunguen der Zeit
The sun, earth and water mix in the company of music in this experimental video, which reveals how life is transformed with the passing of the seasons.
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La infausta noticia de amor y de más (English Subtitles)
In the Mexican Revolution epoc, the future of the country and it inhabitants is uncertain, yet four compadres gather in the village bar to catch up on the most relevant issues of their lives in recen days.
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