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Polvo de Hadas
Six friends around the campfire on a camping night tell horror stories without imagining the end that awaits them.
Director: Alejandro Belmonte
Production: Alejandro Belmonte & Felipe Ángeles
Talent: Diana Contreras, Oscar Olivares, Alfredo Castruita, Felipe Ángeles, Luis Trujillo, Javier Noriega
Genre: Terror
- Adults Only
Country: México
Year: 2015
Runtime: 15 min 47 sec
Legal advice: This film is rated NC-17 (Adults Only) No one 17 and under admitted. All Rights Reserved ®2015 copy, recording, total or partial download is forbidden. This project is not for profit. CAFT has the permission of it´s creators and copyright holders for its storage, visualization and distribution on this platform.
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