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Kill and Pray, Fay Wray
A Mexican hotel of the sixties. The young nun Fay is searching for God. Her religious fanaticism gets her into more and more trouble. Ein mexikanisches Hotel der sechziger Jahre. Die junge Nonne Fay ist auf der Suche nach Gott. Ihr religiöser Fanatismus bringt sie dabei mehr und mehr in Schwierigkeiten.
Director: Hanna Siedel
Production: Hanna Siedel
Talent: Manon Kahle, David Monteiro, Sandra Zellweger
Genre: Western-Action
- Adults Only
Country: Germany
Year: 2012
Runtime: 15 min 27 sec
Legal advice: This film is rated NC-17 (Adults Only) No one 17 and under admitted. All Rights Reserved ®2012 copy, recording, total or partial download is forbidden. This project is not for profit. CAFT has the permission of it´s creators and copyright holders for its storage, visualization and distribution on this platform.
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